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New Allman Symphonic IV Unit Orchestra
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New Trumpets
From $139.95
Keyboard Outfits
 From $199.95
New Flutes 
From $199.95
New Trombones
From $249.95
New Clarinets
 From $199.95
New Saxophones
From $469.95
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Allman Music Sells Discount: Baritones / Euphoniums, BassoonsBuglesCellos, Clarinets, CornetsFlutes, French Horns, Flugel Horns, Keyboard WorkstationsOboesOrgans, Saxophones,  SousaphonesTubas, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins, Violas and Virtual Organs from:  AmatiBachBarclayBarrington, BessonBlessingBohland-FuchsBuffetCervenyConn,  GemeinhardtGetzen, Hofner, HoltonIolitejOrganJupiter, King, KeilwerthMaestro,  MidiTzerMoniqueOldsPaesoldSchreiberSchroetterSelmerSteltzStevensStowasserStrunalWinston and Yamaha
  Discount Professional Sound Equipment by:  Eminence, Electro Voice, Lynx, NadyPeaveyPyle & Pyramid
Eminence Professional Loudspeakers
New Violins 
 From $99.95
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New Cellos
 From $549.95
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4/4 BBb Tubas
 From $1795.95
Pocket Trumpets
From $229.95
 From $699.95
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Eminence Professional Speakers
French Horns
 From $495.95
New Violas
From $189.95
Flugel Horns
From $379.95
Pro Speakers
From $59.95
New Cornets
From $214.95
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Buffet Instruments
Amati AFH 201 Flugel Horn
Buffet Clarinets
Paesold String Instruments
Paesold String Instruments
Some of the Finest Hand Crafted String Instruments Available Today!
Made in Hagenau Germany
Strunal String Instruments
Hand Crafted Old World Masters Quality String Instruments
 Made in the Czech Republic of Europe
Keilwerth Saxophones
Keilwerth Saxophones
Keilwerth Saxophones
Perhaps The Worlds Finest Professional Saxophones Made Today.
Amati Instruments
Besson Trumpets
Special Purchase:
 New Stowasser Student Clarinets
 Made by Amati: $229.95
Stowasser SCL201II
New Lower Prices!
Buffet Clarinets
Strunal String Instruments
Strunal String Instruments
Barclay Trumpets From:$199.95
Barclay Trumpets
Blem and B-Stock Instruments
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Keilwerth Saxophones
Barclay Saxophones From: $599.95
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Keilwerth Saxophones
Allman Music Sells Discount: Baritones / Euphoniums, Bassoons, Bugles, Cellos, Clarinets, Cornets, Flutes, French Horns, Flugel Horns, Keyboards, Oboes, Saxophones, miditzer, virtual, organ, Sousaphones, Tubas, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins, and Violas from:  Amati, Bach, Barclay, Barrington, Besson, Blessing, Buffet, Cerveny, Conn, DEG, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Getzen, Hofner, Holton, Iolite, Jupiter, King, Keilwerth, Maestro, Monique, Olds, Paesold, Schreiber, Schroetter, Selmer, Steltz, Stevens, Stowasser, Strunal, Winston and Yamaha   Discount Professional Sound Equipment by:  Eminence, Electro Voice, Lynx, Nady, Peavey, Pyle
Miditzer, jOrgan, Virtual, Midi, Theater Organ, Theatre Organ, Hauptwerk, Classical Organ, Electronic Organ, Synth, Synthesizer 
Turn Your PC and a couple of Midi Keyboards into a MidiTzer or jOrgan Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Or a State of the Art Full Featured Orchestal Synthesizer Midi Keyboard Workstation!
 For Information and Free Downloads Please Click Here
Virtual Midi Organs
New Symphonic IV Unit Orchestra
New Symphonic IV Unit Orchestra