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JOrgan Page
The jOrgan (Java Organ), Miditzer and Hauptwerk are all fantastic Virtual Organ Midi Relay Programs using Sound Fonts (.Sf2) or wave samples that can be used to play a Virtual Theatre or Classic Pipe Organ with amazingly realistic sounds on your PC.
The Miditzer 216 and 260SP Theatre Organ Simulations are extremely easy to set up and play.
The jOrgan and Hauptwerk are fully programmable so that you can design and build your own Custom Classical or Theatre Organ to your specification. The Hauptwerk and jOrgan are for the more advanced users that wish to create their own Virtual Organ to their specification.
The jOrgan and Miditzer 216 Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs are  Completely Free Downloads, the Hauptwerk is offered at a very resonable price considering the exacting realism that it is capable of performing.
The primary purpose for the MidiTzer and jOrgan free software programs is to promote awareness, appreciation and preservation of all Pipe Organs.
You can turn your Computer and any Midi Keyboard(s) into a 2,3,4 or 5  Manual Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ! 
10/28/07 New Gigastudio Sound Files released and new page published
07/20/07 Major revisions to Symphonic IV and Sound font
06/26/07 Added Tremmed Sample Version of Barton Tibia Clausa and Wurl Diapason to SymphIV soundfont, minor changes to Symphonic IV disposition.
06/07/07 Updates for the SymphIV 4CHe sound font, Cornopean is back in, reduced size of the font a little.
05/28/07 Posted USF Wurlitzer Solo Tibia Clausa with Tremmed Samples and Comparison Font with both LFO and Tremmed sample version. Fixed release pop issue with Miditzer Fluid Synth on Wurlitzer Tibia, SymphIV, Barton Vox and Violin sound fonts.
05/26/07 Poste USF Wurlitzer Solo Tibia Clausa, Added same to Symph IV sound font
05/21/07 Made a number of stop changes, primarily in the string divisions to Symph IV console rebal. Symph IV sound font.
05/20/07 New USF Barton Tibia, Tuba Horn, RM Violin and New Symph IV 4ChSBc includes all new USF ranks published.
Please click Here for the complete list of Updates and Corrections
Allman Music Miditzer Page
This is a picture of the Miditzer 216 Theatre Organ
Allman Music jOrgan Page
This is a small shot of the Allman Theatre 3-14 Console (Disposition)
Miditizer Web Page
Allman Music Sells Discount: Baritones / Euphoniums, Bassoons, Bugles, Cellos, Clarinets, Cornets, Flutes, French Horns, Flugel Horns, Keyboards, Oboes, Saxophones, miditzer, virtual, organ, Sousaphones, Tubas, Trumpets, Trombones, Violins, and Violas from:  Amati, Bach, Barclay, Barrington, Besson, Blessing, Buffet, Cerveny, Conn, DEG, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Getzen, Hofner, Holton, Iolite, Jupiter, King, Keilwerth, Maestro, Monique, Olds, Paesold, Schreiber, Schroetter, Selmer, Steltz, Stevens, Stowasser, Strunal, Winston and Yamaha   Discount Professional Sound Equipment by:  Eminence, Electro Voice, Lynx, Nady, Peavey, Pyle
Miditzer, jOrgan, Virtual, Midi, Theater Organ, Theatre Organ, Hauptwerk, Classical Organ, Electronic Organ, Synth, Synthesizer
Now Available:
2, 3 and 4 Manual JOrgan, Hauptwerk, Miditzer Key Desks with Pistons and with true 2nd Touch Keyboards.
Also Available
1 up to 2 Full Bolster + 2 - 1/2 Bolster S.A.M. Stop Rails for Virtual Organs and Console Upgrades.
Miditzer Page
JOrgan Page

Allman Music Virtual Organ Page
Allman Music Miditzer Page
Allman Music Symphonic IV - JOrgan Page
Symphonic IV List of Updates
Symphonic IV Rank - Stop List
Allman Music Keyboard Page
Theatre Organ Song Download Page
Miditzer Home Page
JOrgan Home Page
Hauptwerk (Crumhorn Labs)
American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS )
Theatre Organs.Com
Bruce Miles Organ Pages
John Tay's Organ Pages
Theatre-Sf Discussion Forum
Unofficial ATOS Forum
Walnut Hill Theatre Organ Pages
Manasota Theatre Organ Society
Central Florida Theatre Organ Society
Owen Jones Theatre Organ Pages
Theatre Organ Academy
Universal VTPO Sound Font (USF) Project
Universal Gigastudio (UGSF) Project
Virtual Organ Speaker Concepts
MidiTzer Linux Project
Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs and Orchestral Synthesizers
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The Theatre-sf Group is all about Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs
Allman Music jOrgan Page
Small screen shot of the Symphonic IV 4 Manual 54 Rank Orchestral Synthesizer Console (jOrgan Disposition)
Click here for a full size 1280 x 1024 image
Click Here to go to the Song Download Page to Listen to the MidiTzer, Symphonic IV and Theatre Pipe Organs
Full Size Dark Wood Console
Full Size Black Console
The Background Colors On All of the Allman Symphonic and Theatre Organ Consoles are Easily Changed with 7 Color Choices Available For Your Viewing Preference
Universal VTPO Sound Font Project

    With the recent release of the Bret Milan's Hauptwerk Virginia VTPO and the release of the Milan Digital MW 3/31 VTPO for Hauptwerk, there has been a lot of discussion in the forums over the need for a high quality Stereo Theatre Pipe Organ Sound Font that can be used for the MidiTzer and jOrgan to achieve a similar sound quality.  If you have any recordings in stereo of an individual Theatre Pipe Organ rank or ranks and have sampled every pipe with 3+ second stereo samples with 2 seconds in between notes.  I am willing to act as a clearing house to help the VTPO community build a high quality Universal sound font for everyone to use.   If you upload the recordings to the FTP link below, I will volunteer to do the processing of the rank(s) into a Universal Sound Font for MidiTzer and jOrgans VTPO's.  What I'm willing to do is remove the blower, wind leakage and background noise from the samples, looping the samples, terracing (balance) the rank(s) and compile them to the Universal Sound Font.
If you have any stereo sample recordings which you think may have too much background, blower or wind noise, please upload them anyway, I have some extremely good software that might be able to remove virtually all background noise without hurting the quality or fidelity of the actual pipe sounds.
Please Click Here For a Recommendation of Recording Requirements 
Please Click Here for instructions on how to use the Vienna 2.3 Sound Font Editor
Here is another instruction link on the Vienna 2.3 Sound Font Editor
The FTP link is: For IE 6 and earlier, when the link opens simply copy the file from your computer and paste it on to the open FTP page window where you will see an existing instruction file there already, be sure to paste on an open, blank area on the page, not on or over top of the instruction file or other files. If you try to paste over an area near one of the existing files your "paste" option will be greyed out and won't work.  For IE 7 once you've clicked on the link and are on the FTP page, click on "View" and "Open FTP page in Explorer" then paste your files to a blank area on the page. Be Sure that the Internet Explorer: Tools\Internet Options\Advanced\"Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL Modem compatability)" is turned on (checked).   Please email me with the details of your upload at:
With your help we can bring a very high quality free stereo sound font to life for our VTPO community that we can all use and enjoy with our MidiTzer and jOrgans.
Best Regards,
Kent AllmanUSF Download Page
Full Size Light Wood Console
Allman Music Symphonic IV Large
Click here to join SymphIV
Click to join SymphIV
The SymphIV Group is for people using or are interested in using the Allman Symphonic or Theatre Series of jOrgan Consoles